Power is power

Our silence! Our chances our moves. The power that was destined for our beautiful dynasty we are taking it. Our values and our loyalty is still the same as our orriginal cast members. Like we said in the past  we dont live by regret. We power up! We juice it up. 

  1. Our leaders have given us the go
  2. Our families are helping us to get the life that we have wanted 
  3. Our children are becoming stronger

We have askes the questions and the world has aswered. Sometimes you get lost and thats ok aslong as we get up the next day. Our health is the most important thing in the world. The name of our production company is called cart3l. The name of our platforms are cart3lfromlove.com and richardexclanationpoint.com. we have our jewelry brand! Called vintage cart3l. Our hands and our voice are the key ellements. 

  1. Hair 
  2. Makeup 
  3. Clothing 
  4. Jewelry 
  5. Juice
  6. Restaurant
  7. Ink

This is part of our plans. We check them off the list everyday. Our coaches are woking hard on our health. We know that you must hit every oppurtunity that comes to you. That is called hustling. Yes our branding came from the old and the new. You have seen what we are capable off. Not everyone will rise to the ocassion of our legends ball. During the old days dragqueens had balls. They dressep up for the occasion. Stones, crystals, payyetes and sparkles. Drag is an artform. We are all onfluencers of our time. Putting our plans in to motion is what we are doing. Yaaaaaaaaas the whole world is watching. But our shinning moments are how we rise above the occasion. Aslan the great. Queen of the north and jessica persob. We use fictional characters to empower us. The melinia brings the true color of the people that we have surronded ourselves in to. No one will hand you out success my kids. Yoh must dig deep to see the bigger picture. Sometimea we take it to seriously but we learn from our mistakes. People are people no matter what we you do people will step on you. We empower our people. We asked the question of if you were to have another job rather than the one you have what would it be. Now we move to another chapter of our plans. The key to life is just doing it. A great fish ones said! Just keep swimming. We are asking another question. Art, culture we asked. Serving a dish for people that we talk to. We believe in our world no matter what. We comunicate with each other. We feel each other. Our steps are the same. Music is something that we use for us to dance and sing. The question that we are asking now is how did you guys get there? Did you defend your values? 

The book is full. The book has been done. We are jusy looking at it as inpiration. We will show you what we have. The thing tjat we learned from this is. People still have hearts. We have livved in our small box for so long. We are now having fun. I ask that you give us time. To show you our kids that we colledted. Social media was made to communicate love. Bloggers often started to share. Now we do what we love. We share and educate. We are pure. We have no doubts in our success. We celebrate our victories. Small or big. This is what we are we celebrate choices.

We have seen so nuch evil. This is why we tranform/evolve but still staying true to ourselves. Dynasty, royaly, nobility and trust are earned. We shall say thank you. We are humbled you guys keep wanting more. Thank you. Thank you. Salamat sa walang sawang pikinig. We can all do this together. Letsssssss gooooooooooooo. We will always be here for the unheard and the unwanted. Cart3l is here and ready. Read us now. We are a great read. 


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