To our small team. You know what to do now. You guys know what our plans are.We just had the best morning powow. 

  1. Me and him 
  2. Pow pow 
  3. Frenchielenchie
  4. Naaaaarita aiport
  5. Fly girls 
  6. Jakarta 
  7. Milano Milano
  8. My queens 

Rise above the ocasion. The legendsball wont just be once. The legends ball is somerhing greater. Check the skies its blue, checl the waters its cold but we can still swim. Its time you guys show them! Tell them like it is! Tell them how angry you are. Tell the world your problems. We started as a joke but look at us now. Talking to the strongest most influencial people in the world. Its time you guys showcase your tallents. We have done enough showing off. We wont stop we will keep swimming. 

Thank you, salamat, from the bottom of our hearts. Now! Lets get up! And start a new adventure. Nature is suppose to be explored. The outside is free. Dont stay at home go and live for the moment.


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