Lets talk is been awhile since I actually sat down and wanted to talk online with everyone. When I made my first collection. I had different insparation. Lets talk about what our inspiration is from. Paris is burning, club kids alexander mcqueen,  and issabella blow. The story of alexander mcqueen and his friendship with issabella blow is one that still gives me life. His work her work and how they are so different than the rest. What is orriginality? How can you say your orriginal if you have inspirastions from certain genres? We get inpired by the vintage culture. How drag queens had to hustle for there gowns. How queens had to fight for a freeking earing. Now there is so much out there. Options is open for everyone. We have to play with certain Ideas so our work will trancend. We are a production company. We have produced as much as we can.  We have askedd the question for art! Culture and now I will ask the fashion question. What does your personal style represent? Why do we wear certain clothing? Is comfort? I would wear anything that I can make it my own style. I like labels like everyone in the world. But I love the story that went behind to make a garmet.  What does your fashion style represents? Sometimes getting lost in a vintage store and wondering what did they do. Thank you again. Lets talk later byeee


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