Ive done my first with lostinhibitions. It didnt have the same crytal clear meaning. Now cart3l stands for something even more. It stands for equality. We were tired of working for other people dreams.  Cart3l has a bad conotation in life. Thats why we love that name. But at the end of the day. The caft3ls and the mafias are just family pushing by. The society will tell you you cant. We are the living proof that love will fight. We keep saying that even when we dont get it. We get the love from each other. Sometimes you need to just say fuck it. Im going stand up! Stand up for your dreams. You just need to do you and stand up. 

We will never be tired of explaining ourselves. This is what we do. We enjoy what we do. We enjoy showcasing the love and replacing the uglyness we see. 

The light will always shine no matter what. 


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