Lets spill the T

Alrighty! Lets talk! Its been awhile! Im ready to slay with my words. Power is power we made our own power. We have choosen leaders. If you dont get what we are move along. We dont want people that dont want us. Lets keep this very light! Like the luggage and baggage I brought home. We dont like it when people test us. We fight back. We lask out because we are still angry. No matter what you do you will never please anyone. Attention!……..everyone must be silencia. This is just words. We have our own plans. Do not test me or him. We will call people out on there bad actions online. Dont be messy like mom. Mom is the messiest online because she has to take care of you guys. Dad is working on our nest at home. Soon you get to meet both of us. Soon you will be able to catch the world that we created. Its funny because when we were just getting started no one took us seriously. Well bitch now they do. We will stick to our plans and our team members. People will test our patience you will see how queena fight. Let me serve you the T but I will give you some shade. Not to much shade because bitch its spring! Sprung up. 

The unbrekable love story and our demanding cart3l kids byeee


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