Its a practice

If you dont do it then you wont be good at it. I am writer, publicist coach, curator and advid fan of yoga. Yoga keeps me centered. It keeps me relax. It keeps me motivated. I guess you can say im a jack of all trades. We are both like that. My partner was the one who cut my hair. He is also the brilliant man behind me. He thinks for me. He solves problems for me. We love puzzles they keep our brain buzy. Our lifestyle is different we live on the go. We also live for the now. This is harder on us than anything in the world. Reflect! We have atleast more than 1000 posts. Travelled all over canada. We are still here. This is our story. Start from page 1. So you can see our struggles. We asked the question of art? We asked the question of food, culture and music. Now we will ask you a deeper question. What does your dreams look like? What do you dream about doing if you are not in the job that you are at now. I took the plundge and left my regular 9-5. I was a stylist/merchant. Before thay I worked as a buyer and a junior for a marketing agency. None of them believed that we were gonna be able to do this. We went to my leaders in hope that they had my back. Some of them are still my leaders. Some of them I dropped. We have lost friendships out of our passion. They also really didnt indurstand or get the world that we live in. Like we said before we live in a different world. A world that most people wont ubderstand. People will judge you no matter what you do. We are not affraid to be judge. We know what we are. We keep it real you take us how we are in life of you dont. Boundaries we have pushed to get to where we are some of them failed. Most of them we call our victories. We have what it takes. We started small and now qe are becoming bigger and bigger. We keep our plans too ourselves now. We keep in family. We are different we searched for individuals who understand us. We are here to celebrate the individuals in our life. Sooooooo thank you to our big mother and fathers. We wont stop. We are just starting. Did you guys have fun today? Lets do it again tommorow. 

P.S we talked to individuals online all the time. We look for more people. But our kids are grown. We are here to protext them and guide like our parents did to us.Nothing bring us more joy than seeing our kids shine. Talk to you guys again tommorow.


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