In the next two weeks

I will be comunicating with my kids from here. We will also be putting more articles that we have very shortly. Its time to man up. Its time to star the show. Its time to celebrate my kids and its also time to add new friendships. We cant do this all. We are gonna need alot of help. Waves will be strong for everyone to enjoy. Times like this I wish I had him in my arms. We are stronger a part. But we are smatter together. So for our small team! Hit when the wave comes ita going to a bumpy ride. Swim underneath the watters if you must. Run climb its time for the real legends ball. In the legends ball we serve T in the morning and wine at night. Follow when the cignal comes. Only hit the tides when its strong. You can always find help in hogwarts. 

Its show time kids! Show them what you have. Come get my kids tallents they are amazing and one of a kind


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