Expanding life

Music is another subject we havent talked about! Like we said before im from the 90s he is from the current milenia! He keeps me young. Yaaaassss as if im that old! Well im old! I like vintage clothing for a reason. I like the smell of old books. I like that when I put them on they bring you to life. We love everything from mariah the old days to now her current version! Ariana? Lol! Im kidding! But we also like a good youtube cover. What kind of music do you guys love? Rica my little sister is the one who always gives me playlists. Why dont you give me a playlist! Its time to dance alone in your room! The day is about to end for some of us. But some of us are still stravelling! I know you are there and we are here. Drink up! We did good today. 


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