Ending the werk day with peace

We have done enough damage online. The legends ball has started. The dynasty we built is rissing. Its time to enjoy life and create beautiful memories and creations. Well technically I will be spending my time on the phone with my partner. We are the most important ellement. Its our dynasty. Our childrean are already working for us. Its time you look at our kids. They are showwing you there tallents. We should ours. Now you tell me why you wont come to the legends ball? A ball where you can come and enjoy life. A place where you can finally be you for a change. We are us everyday. We call each other everyday. People will say and do whatever they want. Go ahead name us name us names. You will show your true coloura infron of the world. Its so much better now. We can breath and pick the fruits of our labour. We have opened up our hearts to our friends and some of them have left! But to true drag queen fashion! Im at peace with that. Play by the rules of love is the only rule we have. You can do you! Split jump and sing if you must but please do us a favour and check yourself first before you come for me, My partner and our kids. Go outside and play! Explore the boudaries of your life. Thank you and will talk later okay? Yaaaaaaaaaass by Gagash 


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