Cart3l is a family event

Yaaaaaass mama. We started a revolution. We are here to change the world of online creatures. Creatures that come from hate. My cart3ls are all different. There voices are very pure. Just like mom and dad. Honesty is the best policy in life. We will ask the queation again. If you guys are not doing what you guys are doing now? What would you guys like to do? Firefighter? Nurse? Or maybe a teacher? Me the mother have gone from being an associate to a leader and an educator. I wanted to become a botanist because of my dad. But I ended up being a coach, writter and publicist. I love my job and he loves his. He is really the jack of all trades. He just showed me that I can be just like him. He protects me. He helps me be me. Sooooooooooooooo what do you guys want to be? 

Follow the heart of a budha! It keeps me free. Byeeeeeeeeeee.


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