Listening to your own heart is the hardest thing we get influensed by so many people in our lives. You must listen to the hearbeat! My heart is filled with love. Its love that will show us light and the end of the night. Im going to be honest. Im not used to being alone. Ive always had my partner in crime around me. You know this past few days We have learned that we are getting stronger and stronger by the minute. Sometimes you must find your inner self. Beauty is deep you cant see beauty unless you see how beautiful you are. We are all equal in this world. But people will always crush you no matter what! Pull youraelf together and know that no one will hand your own victories in life. is a celebration of choices. We choose our lifestyle accoudingly. We were just lucky that people bestowed us with power.  Power is power. But use your power wisely. Listen take your time and explore the boundaries that are out there. Goodnight my sweet boy may the cries of rock angel sing you to sleep. I miss you. We shall be together soon. You guide me all the time. You help me be the strong warrior that I want to be. See you guys latter. Im still HERE! Where are you? Yaaaaaaasssss tell us where you are. Tell us! We are listening. 


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