Let me educate my kids

Silencia We have to have a family meeting. Not everyone can be a contributor. Not everyone can be a coach and not everyone can run a company. We have leaders that push us to the boundaries but sometimes you just need to keep swimming tonight the truth comes out. We saw peoples color and we saw people who we cant trust. We have never changed the plans on our company. There are just some who no matter what and how you are going to explain things its just not a good a match. We have each other me and him and our friends and family. Even some will talk behind your back. We can see the crack in th structure. We often evolve because we dont want anyone to catch the same waves. The waves that we created. The waves that we have done are meant to be enjoyed. Take them as it is. Not everyone is going to love you. Not everyone is going to die all over you. We are not here for fame. We are here to showcase our tallents that was given to us. Thank you for the sudgestions and thank you for your time. Play the rules of love. Structure and stability is needed. Rise my kids we are forever! Our dynasty has jusy begun. Cart3l dynasty. Forever yours queen mother of the north and first of my name. 


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