Grabing life by its balls.

A bird once told me to never stop. That bird is my father. Writing comes to you when you are ready. You dont force creativity. You dont force art. You dont force a show that isnt there. Prespective is key. I am writter, publicist and designer. We have created a beautiful story. Story ro get to where we are now. Oppurrunities will come and go. But enjoying life is a diference. We have to enjoy what we do. We enjoy every single aspect of this. Showing our tallents amd letting the world judge us is not hard. We will get to the top. You must enjoy the waves that come to you in life. Dynasty is something we are building. The difference betwen you and us is. We have boundaries that we set for ourselves. The path is cleared for us by the leaders that we choose to guide us into thia journey we call life. Enjoy the orriginality and enjoy the freshness of the idea. Eternal glory. We dont chase. Satifaction we get from our friends, family and support system. We say guard the walls we have built!  Only because people take things from us. Sometimes your voice will be taken from you. Thank you to those that show us its ok to be differentm 


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