Magic and fantasy

Xmen, Harry potter! Land of the dreams that we make into reality. Our reality is our life. We come from love and nothing else. Creating is what we do. We created our own safe place for the both of us. We oppened up to people and they shut our world down. We let them go! For us. We have our dreams we have our plans and we have asperations. We will get them! We have patiences now. We have a life now. Its time you read the whole thing from page1! Page 1 is when I gave up from the leaders that said we cant. Page 1 was fun.  We are more than 1000 love stories now. Love notes to each other. Love notes for our team that never gave up. We are here for a reason. We are here. Where are you? You also said yes to this world. You also promissed to prottect our walls. We never look back. We keep pushing because if we do! The people that are dependent on us. The people that we started educating. The people that we gave joy and sadness too. They cant talk. They cant write. We both do it for them. Our kids. Our families and our future. Play by the rules of love. Enjoy it and embrace it. Asian dynasty, canadian royalty, queens and coaches leaders stand up now! Believe in our love. Believe in our emotions. Believe in the world we created together. Believing and letting someone really love you is hard. You must trust your heart and your gut. Toronto is ours already. Vancouver what do you have for us! Show us the light! Show us the answers! My gap family! Show us! We are ready to lead the kids! We are ready to jump up and down with you! 

The child that I tuck in is smarter than the norm. I am the creative mind! He built structure in my life. To our first child! Renzzzz you believe in this world! There calling us! Anak show them your powers! Mom and dad are working hard. We are from love. We are from hate, we are from nature. Cart3ls its time to stand up and tell the world your problems. There is always someone listening! You are not alone is this fight! We are here to help! Education is key! Strike when the wave feels great! Fly my kids fly.


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