Fashion, art, life

Thank you! We are out of words. Excitment is good. We will always listen. The contruction of the company and my background and his background. We are from the world if evolution. Fashion is something that people wont get. You wear what you wear because it makes you feel great! I follow trends and I follow the world. But its better to know who you are first. We know who we are. We are not afriad. We have friends, family and leaders that we talk to. We are not alone. It will take time. Building an everlasting brand that comes from integrity and trust. Values we have. I tuck him in everynight. I love him. He loves me. Our company is from the love that I found from him. We are passionate and kind. We are flawless at times. But we must follow our hearts. We think with our brains. But our gut and heart tell us what to do. You move with the waves. You wait it will strike when it wants to. Writting comes to me. I am from the hands of a writter. I am from the hands of a mother that promissed to love me and my partner. We have our own duties in life. This is our dutie. It burden us that we are apart. We talk as much as we can. We dealt with things. We dont owe anyone an explanation. We are not harming anyone. We are playing by the rules of heart.  Fashion isnt always everyday. You dont get glamour. You dont get the light. You must look outside and see the path. Our path. We have built our walls all over online. You guys can judge us. We wont stop. We are burdened by our own destiny but we enjoy it everyday. We have searched all over canada. Now is the time for you to start! Read us from page 1. We made mistakes they are there for everyone to look at. I shal we shal and we will. Its just words people. Enjoy us for what we are. Educators of life.

We are all live in the world of social media. We all live to influence. We influence love and good.


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