My asian heritage! Yes we are from the north! Yes we are used to the cold! But i was never from there! I started from here. I started from katipunan! Gone are the days of feeling sorry! Gone are the days asking for light! Royals need to get up! Our dynasty has just started. Culture is what we look for. Culture and life. The evolution is key. What would you like? T? Or shade? We normally serve the T in the morning! But thats what I want to serve everday. People will test the dynasty! People will put the walls we created! But the leaders and team members will be there to help. Help will always be at hogwarts! Help is always here. I am here we have our duties in life. Mine and his is to let people know that you can find love and keep it. We are from love and so is our company. Keeping it classic with the words! The words im good at! I can play with it more than anyone can. My hands are from a writter. My mouth is from someone who can smack me. My heart belongs to his! We are all from love. You just need to stand up!


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