Did you read from the start?

You need something for safety! Start from page 1! We have it all! Our team is ready! We are both ready. We talk everyday! He cut my hair before I he sent me home. This is our life. This is our lovestory. Our life comes with difficulties. This doesnt mean we cant do it. We push and push and wait for the sign to hit the wave. The waves are so much more fun. The waves is something you must ride to not have the fear. 

Inbitions are from my first collection. Its done. I have cart3l now. Its an everlasting brand. It stands for equality to be different. Not to be part kf the crowd. Being different is a blessing. You can see things that are beautiful. Our world is filled with playing and imagination. We stand together proud of what we are! We are family. Me calvin and my cart3ls. You know when you know. Its hard to explain. Its hard for me to say the words for everyone to understand. We cant explain things clearly. We can comminicate clearly this never stopped us. We will never stop showing that our love matters. Love matters! Individuals matter. People matter. The earth is beautiful people need to enjoy it.


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