with love

we are all from love since we were all born as a mother of my own house! I am here to fight for my believes! My believes are from my background. I have faith in people that we love. you are all part of this. We made this for all of our friends and family.

sketch-4  So for my small team of supporters, friends family and now haters! because everyone will hate no matter what you do! We are survivors! I will be naming you all mine so you can be a part of this! my plans are clear for 3-6 months I am in my 3rd. my one year plan is to release this company in the Philippines! We will get there! But for now we have to do baby steps! Toronto is done! Vancouver is what we are working on! next is a secret for my team!


But for now we should just love the magazine for what it is and that is reading about our daily life! and our team! Today is for me to plan out my entire plans for Vancouver and just having a talk to my little Miyako! I already know what I need to do! Thank you to my small team! I have you guys all in my plans! keep reading the magazine and keep doing what is good for you and soon we will all be together! Thank you and goodnight! Its time to create some more!


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