We started a revolution

Lest get started! I am here to tell you one thing and one thing only! this is a story! this is our love letters to each other! we have our dreams and plans this is for us and us alone! we have leaders all over the world! our plan is to hit it here in Vancouver and head back to Toronto and get settled! I am a beach body coach! I have coaches and leaders behind me! In or out! do not push me or we will push back. we have people that we trust now! We wont disappoint!

Take the magazine the way it is and enjoy it! I am a mama bear! I will fight the way we fight! we fight for our kids! and our kids are the only reason why we keep fighting! I have named my first queens and soon I will be naming you all. Its time we take it the street! Brand yourself the way you want to. Stick to your own game! I am a moving artwork! Calvin is the same! We are from love!

Do not underestimate us! We are fighters and we fight to the end! the end game is My home town my home. I will be there in the end with him and everyone else! Its time you come join the fight! Come to join us be a Cart3l! Its easy all you have to do is ask!


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