I am filipino. My parents had a dream of me being in sports just like a regular filipino family. I was in ateneo basketball association every summer time. Yes me. I sat there every single summer time until I knew what I wanted. I wanted to wear short shorts and hit a volleyball. I was part of the varcity team and we really rulled the school. Even in my claret days I was still envolved in volleyball. As we moved to Canada I was still in search of people playing this game. A friend of mine which we will hide under the name of frankesha gave me life by introducing me to toronto beach volleyball.  Thank you ate for showing me that you can do whatever you put your head into. 

Now as I transition to another job. Yes I have so much but I love it. My coaches help me everyday in order for me to grow as a person and my bussiness. These women are my tribe. I belong to there world. I want to say a couple things! Dont take this in a wrong way. These a just words. 

  1. Education is key to life
  2. Im not a know it all 
  3. Im dramatic 
  4. I evolve 
  5. I care
  6. Im inlove with not just my partner but the life that we are planning for us. 

So now that you know what I am all about! Why you gonna hate? Why you gonna try it? Dont! I do take my job seriously and maybe that is the problem I do take it way to seriously. Im going back to the old days. Sometimes you need be rebourn into a different person so you can get through life! 

I am what I am I am my own special creation. I have built a carrer of honesty and trust. I may change and morph everyday but I am still me! If you cant handle us move on. So my name is Richard John T Talay aka Richard John Chox Talay Rose Cart3l first of my name and mother of my own house. Aka richardexclamationpoint coach of the start. We yes me, my partner, my family, friends and my team will take this industry on fire! Byeeeeeee


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