I am over you for a reason


Lets start slaying! for my small team! mom will do the shading and reading. You should be nice! Mom will be able to take the shade and the reading by some of these bitches! For example! I am humbled that people want to be a part of this! But we can only pick the best of the best! If it doesn’t work for you then Its all good you can always move on.


If I don’t talk about you, if I don’t want you to be a part of it then sorry you need to move on. There is a term in the drag world called pick the apples! I am picking only good apples! Queens need to go first! I must say this all the time! I had a dream of starting a magazine and having a whole team of queens! Its happening now! I want everyone to know that I don’t give a shit what you think about me.  I am not here to be your best friend. I am here for CHICAGO!………for those people commenting and saying sit your ass down! BOY Let me educate you! You can move on because your brown ass will stay there. We are here to slay Cart3ls. Slay with love! nothing else. Mother is here to give the T. Nothing else! I am from the 90s and I am still part of this current millennia! We will do whatever we want! Last call say what you want but if I blast you I blast you Bye!


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