Langara the voice!

I am a writer of some sorts.  My father is a writer and now my little sister is joining the family business. This is why we had to do this me and Calvin. We can cover more ground this way. Home base number 1 will always be Toronto and we will always come back. But now that we are on the west coast lets talk about the people that we have here. Starting from little Rica Jane Talay. She is taking journalism in Langara.  She covers from Heated Microwave battle cools to Retro tapes retired.   Retro tapes retired is her latest article. Soon Rica and Hanna Rod will be handling the topics of what its like to go to school now. I don’t know about you but when I went to school it was a different world. They are both here to show you how real it can be. Thank you to everyone that is behind the scene helping both me and Calvin with our small little online magazine.


I cant wait to show you guys what they are all about! To our small team! enjoy the magazine for what it is for now. Let nature do its work. The magazine has a different voice. Its clear to us all know where this magazine is going and educational magazine with a splash of love. Homework should be fun and for those who want to be a cart3l just like these two all you have to do is ask us. We will put you in our plans.  The team is built we will be sticking to it! You are there for a reason so fly!


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