Ending the night with love

You dont know what hoes around in making everything work out. There is only one reason and one reason alone this is what we choose for ouselves. We made this the two of us. This has gotten to the point that me and calvin almost lost it on ouselves. Its done its over. Its time to move on in life as we head to our destinations. Living in regret is a huge kill in this industry. We live and learn. We have our plans we will do it.  To our small team cover as much ground as you can and fly and do you for now. Mom and dad are doing something else fo a change. We are facing our tribunual system of our family. Cut or be cut is what there going to do to us until they get us straight. 

We are also sorry for our actions. We know what we did wrong and we are both paying for it now. Apart from each other.


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