WHY? Why do we have to get validated by people. Why cant you just do something for yourself and people will just apreciate the beauty of it all? We forced ourselves. We get to the bottom of things. We have released our anger online so we wont harm anyone else. When is being validated by yourself is ok? When is the society going to change? Never. To my children I was raised during the 90s and i am part of the currently milenia. Its time you do you for once and force yourself to do something you dont like! Change and the world will change with you. The power to give posetive vibes is what we do best. 

The world is built the way it is so we can find our own tribe. I know my tribe do you? 

I know my own tribe since I was in Vancouver collecting people is what I do best. Marketing people is what I do best. Finding tallent is what I do best. I have been a merchant, stylist, buyer and now im a coach. As a coach you must know your tribe. 


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