Make a playlist of songs that you love

Good afternoon Guys! what are you doing today? today we are organizing and doing some scheduling! We love to be scheduled but sometimes we have bad days and when those days happen they normally don’t just come with one they come in 3s lol. Now that the sunshine is out and we can see what we are doing and what we need do lets get some music on! This is a list of our current favourite songs! What do you like? what do you normally listen to? I am from 90s and I will be giving you two different playlist 1 from the 90s and from this current millennia.



Current Millenia

  1. Rihanna- Kiss it better
  2. Beyonce- Sorry
  3. Arina Grande- Side to Side
  4. Jennifer Lopez I aint your momma
  5. Beyonce- sorry
  6. Rihanna -Needed me
  7. Arina Grande- Everyday
  8. Rihanna- Work
  9. Beyonce- all night
  10. Beyonce- Grown Woman

the best of the 90s

  1. Mariah carey
  2. emenim
  3. green day
  4. nickleback
  5. christina aguleria
  6. shaggy
  7. celine dion
  8. michael jackson
  9. tlc
  10. Destiny child



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