Ending the night with love 

Its 9:16 pm our plans are getting clear! I Richard John Chox T Talay Rose Cart3l mother of my own house first of my name. Will be heading to the islands. Calvin and I are double dominance. He will be going to chicago and meeting clients. I will be going to Vancouver and collecting the rest of my cart3ls. Our team is set for toronto. We have our teams fromVancouver and Montreal we have to worry about. But we have our very own cart3l in montreal collecting them all for us. You still think this magazine isnt going anywhere? Time for you to read us and enjoy us. We were just getting started. 

We have planned this. Its time to exucute our plans. We have grown up now. Mom and dad are not the same anymore. We listend to our kids. Our kids are everything to us.


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