Lets get one thing straight

We took two days off because we were tired! Hello you cant have a vaction! Phew two days of is a kuxury in this fucking industry! Lets all put our hands together! I am tired! You want it! Ask for it! I will give it to you! The name of the company is cart3l is production comoany where we will produce what you wants and needs. Cart3lfromlove.com is our magazine. We have a vintage store called vintage cat3l. My partner is an uber driver. I am the mother of this house. I have teams. I work online on my own. I have other deals that we are working on. 

We have a plan! I am a beach body coach online. And we are ready. We took two days of to think! Recover and recooperate and figure out a plan. It took 2 montha to see our profits from this. Now I can honestyly go to sleep and say goodbye! Its a bussinesss deal! Read this blog from page 1 and where we went and how we got there now we are even better. We have are teams all set. Thanks to coach corrine hansen. 

My jobs from the past follows stylist, blogger and a writter. We have everything set in place for the next months. Our plans are from 3-6monts we are close to the 3 we are going to release the magazine as a small book for you to buy. These are not dreams this is atainable for us. We have our own dreams and action plans. If you would love to join us as a contributor ask us. If you love to be a coach for beachbody. Ask us aswel. Thank you so much our emails are richardjohntalay@gmail.com and calvin.rose72@gmail.com now fly 


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