Pricing I have been pricing all my jewelry lately. This is hard they have value for me. I love them a lot but part of owning a store is being strong for everyone. Each day me and Calvin become stronger and stronger as a team!  We build our team slowly but surely and today we made our moves again. I have priced all my jewelry already. I will soon be adding another edition into our family of growing business. EBAY! our production company keeps growing and growing and we are adding more value in to our company by adding more business everyday. We will be selling gadgets  you name it we have it! From Camera’s to Cellphones! I wasn’t kidding when I said We are ready and we are in business! lol


Calvin is the brain and I am the face of the company! the face the kills! kills to get what he wants in order for his children to start living everyday! Let us all have a moment and say a little prayer for my team!


Mom and Dad are working hard! We got this! we are taking it to the streets


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