I was a stylist, a merchant and a buyer in my old days before me and Calvin started our online business. I call myself a publicists and a curator here at CART3l. I have dreamed the moment to become an editor. But then I realized how much work there is involved to it. So I constructed it around my friends and family.


What does an editor do? do a lot of work. Meaning you take the responsibility of your entire team. Now I can honestly say I am there. I collaborate the people I love. My friends and family are all helping me and Calvin.


It took me about 1 year to come up with the concept of cart3l and its hard for me when people ride my coattailes  especially there were the ones that I asked for help in the beginning. But I am a good girl now and I have lots of responsibilities.


I have to plan our  entire trip to Vancouver its going to take us atlas one week of planning before we jump into the whole plan. We would like to ask for you help. Message us and let us know what you can help with my entire team and we will put you guys in our plans. I have about 18 contributors so far. Im slowly collecting them all . Thank you so much to everyone who’s helping me and Calvin Make this world run on its own.


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