Ending where it all started from love.

I am going to end the night. It is 8:23pm me and Calvin are tired we are going to stick to our plans. We made our plans now and our moves. We are just going to let the entire week pass by. This article is for everyone that is watching me and reading my blogs. I want to explain two things. One thing is I am still Richard John T Talay that ghetto ass gurl that wants what he wants when he wants it. I know I am demanding but thats because We get shit done me and Calvin. When things don’t go my way I get really frustrated. Our plans are all over this magazine. If you want a good read start from page 1 and read it all the way. We have at least 300 articles of different things articles from my previews days of writing from ix daily. Second I would like to publicly apologies and swallow my pride to the people that I hurt. I have changed into the hungry monster that I am because everything is working now. I am scared that things will fall apart everyday. But thats a great fear to have because that means I have more to loose and more to gain in this instance. The very first time I did this I hurt many of my friends. Now things are settled and I am over things. I never regret anything I did. We push hard for our dreams everyday me and Calvin. Thank you for reading our small little blog and I will be adding more tonight and Tomorrow so Watch out guys. This is Richard John T Talay Rose mother of the house of Cart3l and keeper of keys at Hogwarts! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bitches


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