This letter is to my small team


27Its been awhile since I wrote to my whole team. Me and Calvin have been figuring out the logistics on how to get home to Vancouver and run this magazine. We still need to find a place. We might need to be apart for one week. Its better that way anyways because we both need to work hard in order for our dreams to come true. We are a living proof that gay people can dream of a job and make that happened. There is a lot more that we have. Its just been hard scheduling everything while running around. Its going to take a long time in order for everything to run smoothly.

img_20170226_234319_292.jpg Our business are all running but we keep going every single time we hit a mark. We have commitments with our families that we need to take care before we leave. We are not going there for fun. We are going there again for a business trip and business improvement and solutions are all there to gain. Toronto is more harder than you think people are busier here than the west coast. I wanna take my time and thanking every single person that is involved with me and Calvin. We can all do this together. I love you guys and thank you for all of your hard work


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