Rica Jane Talay.


Hi guys this is my little sister Rica Jane Talay. She is one of my writers here at Cart3L. This is one of her articles in school.  I am so proud of you baby.

14264161_1234598813271125_8563387341170529632_n (1).jpg

After weeks of students wasting their lunch hours in long line-ups to heat up their meals, Langara’s facilities services finally installed new microwaves Wednesday.

The new appliances come as a welcome addition to the cafeteria in Building A with only six of 15 microwaves on campus functioning — two in the cafeteria and four in the Students’ Union Building. Students were waiting an average of 10-15 minutes just to heat up their food.

Broken microwaves don’t get reported

Raymond Yeung, manager of facilities services, said they had been unaware of the broken microwaves due to a lack of feedback from students. He said he’d only learned of all the broken microwaves last week and told The Voice he was on the case to get “the full six microwaves back up as soon as possible.”

“This was not identified as soon as I’d hoped,” Yeung said, adding that facilities don’t normally conduct checks of the appliances, but waits to be alerted by students of any issues. “But now that we do know about it, we’re working on it and hopefully we’ll have microwaves within a week or so. Yeung followed through on his promise, with four new microwaves being installed on Wednesday.

Long lines, short breaks mean lunches are cold

Reetika Banger, a Langara nursing student who microwaves her food daily, said it’s a problem when the microwaves aren’t maintained regularly and permitted to break down. Prior to the new ones being installed, she and her friends would heat up all their food together in one microwave. Savreena Dhillon, also in nursing said students often “eat cold food because we have no time to stand in the queue.”

In the Students’ Union Building, only four of nine microwaves are currently functioning. Recently, the Langara Students’ Union hosted open houses to gain student input on the services they wanted —one of the top requests was for the LSU to bring in more microwaves.

Although the LSU is not in charge of the microwaves in the cafeteria, they said they have placed microwaves in the cafeteria in the past, when the college lets them know if the microwaves aren’t working.

“For the last two years the LSU has not been notified of not working microwaves,” the LSU spokesperson said in an email.




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